Saturday, July 1, 2017

Earned Blessing

Good day dear Ones,

Intuitive insights, channeling, and spiritual
 predictions provide new hope, an optimistic outlook, and
 focus that helps shed brighter light upon the horizon. 

Individual intentions, prayers, actions,
hopes, desires, etc. contribute to how and what will
be forthcoming.  This can be empowering, also intimidating.
  Maintain faith and trust that your core-essence, your higher
 inner being [love, truth, integrity, wisdom, compassion,
 understanding, etc.] will illumine the path!

Beyond anticipation and speculation
regarding future unfolding details, be assured that
 however and whatever transpires within Earth, personal
 soul growth and expansion attained from living an earthly
experience, is eternal!  During forward movement [transition],
 each retains the soul development achieved while in Earth! 
This is a personal earned gift/blessing/compensation!

 Earth will continue to revolve and evolve.
Integrated personal wisdom [soul growth] derived from
 achievements attained throughout the life-process remain
 with and elevate the individual and collective soul!

~ Live the peace, love, light, and
truth that you are ~
One Source of Life Eternal
A new design to redefine
the consciousness of mankind

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Divine Feminine

Good day dear Ones,

Divine Feminine is a familiar term of late.
How and why is it used?  What does it represent?

OSOLE recognizes and respects there are
gender-associated-off-shoots regarding male and female
which would require a separate message.  Today the
 writing will remain simple, yet include all!

Divine; according to Webster’s dictionary: 
Like God.  Given or inspired by God.
 Holy, sacred, devoted to God.

Webster defines feminine as:
Female; of women or girls.  Feminine gender.
 Having characteristics of women and girls, as gentleness,
 weakness, delicacy, modesty, etc., suitable or characteristic
 of a woman.  Effeminate; womanish: said of a man.

Why is the term being used now?
Is increased understanding changing perspectives
 regarding the concept?  Is it ego-based?  Is it to seek
equality between genders, and if so, on all levels?
Is it because humanity is approaching transformation?
Below is one consideration in simplified terms.

Human/Earthly terms:
Female gender = woman
Male gender = man
Neutral/androgynous = genderless

Females carry, incubate, and
nurture, and eventually birth new life. 
Humanly, she is part of the life-giving equation.
Males impregnate and are another part
involved in physical procreation.
Result:  A new human infant is born.

If the term divine feminine is used synonymously
 regarding only female gender/sexuality,
this could reflect limitation in a broader sense.

Spiritual/Heavenly terms:
Heavenly Father = Spirit/Divinity/masculine energy.
Earthly Mother = Material Creation/female energy.
Wholly/Holy contained = Union of Heaven and Earth.
Result:  Self-birthing of renewed life through expanded
 conscious understanding within a living being.

Divine feminine is presence of gentle,
nurturing, and compassionate energy within
 physical form, no matter the gender!

Divine feminine, in an elevated spiritual context
reflects; Heavenly Father/Spirit infusing Human/Earthly
creation with Divinity.  Such activation within physical
design is unlimited regardless of gender or sexuality
 and is a combination of two vibrational levels
 to create renewal of existing life form.
Females carry male energy and vice versa. 
Divine feminine is the result of spiritual activation
[Divine infusion] that occurs within human
creation, no matter the gender.

In summary:  Spiritual seeds
sown within human beings living in earthly form,
 [any gender] create new spiritual awareness and birth
 a superior level of understanding and conscious awareness
in self and in Gaia.  Such transformation is the forerunner of
ascension and androgynous existence.  Eventually each being
contains within itself fully integrated balance [conscious
at-one-ment with spirit while in a physical body].
At that point, sexuality and gender are irrelevant
as new life is created; being self-born
again of Heaven while in Earth!

~ Live the peace, love, light, and
truth that you are ~

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Newest Living Testament

Good day dear Ones,

The OSOLE message today is a simple concept.
Acceptance and application may take only a minute.

The Bible is the reference point for explanation. 

In the Old Testament, Moses physically went up into
 the mountains, [symbolically denoting a higher region] and
 while in this ‘higher place’ [consciousness, as well as physically]
 obtained [from an external Source] God-given information:
 The Ten Commandments.  He descended the mountain to
share tangible tablets that contained spiritual truths.

In the New Testament, Jesus physically embodied,
 exemplified, and lived the truths/principles/commandments
 previously written in stone.  He also told and showed that
God is within, and each is able to access Source-power,
the ‘higher place’, within their own closet.

Now is a time for a Newer Testament/Dispensation
 to manifest; an expanded edition, if you will!

When applying and living doctrines spiritual masters
  taught, and consciously combining and integrating Heaven/spirit
 and Earth/physicality, a new reality is created.  Seek deeper
 inner connection with Source through the higher-self,
 the christed-one who dwells within.

Some reference Jesus as: The Christ, yet with
 another perspective Jesus was one who was christed,
 [verb, adjective, or adverb rather than a noun or direct object]!
 Jesus was christed and those who honor, live, trust, and adhere to the
same higher-essence within, [to the level He did] become christed.
 Such attainment moves one up, out, and beyond confines of
3D reality, creating a higher vibration of existence. 
Spiritual masters exemplified this!

 This is what lies before us; it is our turn!
Living said principles, we create a sequel to the Bible!
 Right now we are transcending Revelations, the last written
 chapter within the Bible, and in such an accomplishment, we are
 becoming The Newest Living Testament; The New Jerusalem!

~ Rest in the peace, the love, the light,
and the truth that you are ~

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Gift of Shift

Good day dear Ones,

As we advance into newness,
[springtime being a delightful time to do so],
we discover new ways of thinking and living.  Old thoughts
and patterns become clouded, seemingly of little value
 except as past reference points; mile-markers.

Those who have been diligent in personal growth
 for spiritual expansion now observe an increasing chasm
 between old and new.  Perception is now about creating
 new approaches to/in thought and action in order to
assume responsibility for/of self, and the future.

Positive Productive Purpose to Promote
 advancement of new soul growth and development will
be increasingly key while acclimating further into 5D reality.
Seek Source within instead of externally through 3D resources.
As we consciously co-join more directly with our higher-self,
we attain greater access to Source and become our own
doctor, healer, teacher, counselor, and comforter.

Source-energy is ever-present and
new 5D reality consists of an expanded interaction,
alliance, amalgamation, and integration of Heaven/spirit and
Earth/physicality.  We are now adequately equipped to consciously
incorporate the two, and in doing so, claim our fullness!

Summary:  Trailblazers transitioning
 into 5D no longer find answers and cures in a
a 3D dimension.  Stepping backwards is not an option!
  Alternatively, time and energy is spent exploring and becoming
 familiarized with 5D existence.  This process is not about willing such
a change to happen, but by being open to its arrival, knowing, accepting,
and giving thanks for the truth and love of this incredible gift-of-shift.

 A persistent preparation; staying aware and attuned to inner-
 guidance, along with sincere spiritual seeking and devotion to
 Source, creates a bridge between Heaven and Earth; and in
turn provides peace through union with higher self!

~ Love and Blessings ~

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New World

Good day dear Ones,

This month OSOLE is pleased to present
NEW WORLD, an inspired and
prophetic message through Therese in 1994.


As I sit and listen to the song of the trees
They give me their strength and valuable keys
To solutions to problems and everyday strife
While the flowers share insights on their view of life
Birds sing to me in their ancient tongue
“There will be Peace when It is done”
All is well with the Ancient Plan
This grand and glorious evolution of man
When time has dissolved the spell that we’re under
The only thing left will be magical wonder!
So each day think of all that could be
Think, “WHAT IF” and you might see
The World I see of Beauty and Grace
Rainbow rivers and Queen Anne’s Lace
Shimmering Beings who radiate Light
With powers of healing and prophetic sight
Come with me --let your fears abate--
Together we’ll let our thoughts create
That wondrous World right here on Earth
And then there will be an explosion-- a Birth-
Of knowledge and wisdom like never before
It’s all around us --just open the door
To this magical place where no one mourns
Where the children play with their unicorns!
Where nature spirits are no longer shy
Where little children no longer cry
A World of integrity with no more lies
No longer distorted through opaque eyes
Where Hearts are filled with Joy and Light
IMAGINE --it’s all within our sight!
Man’s thought and Heart co-creates this Plan
Just as the Thought of the Creator
Created man.

~ Therese Harper Blackwell ~

~ Blessings ~