Wednesday, November 1, 2017

OSOLE Farewell

Good day dear Ones,

OSOLE, One Source of Life Eternal wishes to
thank you for your loving support throughout the years
and bids you fond farewell!  November concludes OSOLE online.
Final viewing of the OSOLE website

Hopefully shared messages have served in some way.

After spiritual tools are gathered, use and application is required. 
 Each is guided by their own internal teacher, this is where we are!

The OSOLE online website expires after November 2017,
however blogs will still remain accessible at:
[please retain link if you wish to remain a visitor]

  Those wishing personal spiritual exchange/insight/counsel,
direct inquiries to:
[please note address if desired]

Blessings and thank you below:

* * * * *

~ I AM ~

One can speak only for them self.
One cannot tell another what is right or wrong.
One can share what one knows is truth, yet until one
lives the experience, one may only be speaking words of truth.

In owning and being truth, a teacher becomes a Master.
It is in the power of this state of being that
I AM truth is conveyed.

 You have all prepared me
by being who and what you are,
thus allowing me to who and what I am. 
Thank you all with deepest and loving gratitude.
  You have handed me your pearls.  I have accepted each
 and gathered them unto me to become who and what I am that
I may gift back to you, while continuing to hold light upon
the path, so you may once again claim the truth
 and love of your own I AM ~

A new design to redefine
the consciousness of mankind

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Help or Hindrance

Good day dear Ones,

For those who have felt it is necessary
to serve others by shoring them up, partially
carrying their load, and/or assisting blaze their trail;
 that energy has now completed!  Instead of holding hands,
 and/or helping to propel others forward in whatever ways
 have seemed suitable in the past [energetically and/or
physically], now is time to claim fullness of self.
Doing so encourages advancement with
 an impersonally loving approach.

 As a youngster begins to stand and walk
the parent is close by, offering love and support with
a hand to hold, uplifting, or pick-me-up if still needed! 
After a time, as difficult as it may be, the parent allows the
     beginner to navigate alone which creates learning and strength.     
Rather than accommodating during a stumble or misstep, the
 parent now moves to the fore [instead of behind or alongside]
and face to face assures and encourages advancement.
 As a young one learns to stand alone, they develop
strength in which to maneuver on their own. 

We speak of this regarding a physical
entity, but the same applies to a soul regarding
 the growth process.  Walking through fire causes a soul to
grow, albeit perhaps arduously.  Coasting does not precipitate
measurable soul development, much like a parent carrying
 a young-one indefinitely; strength, determination,
and fortitude would remain limited!

We now stand in loving support,
 embrace our true self, as a beacon rather than a
 hands-on associate.  We exemplify instead of expend and
 extend energy to ease other’s burdens and journey.  Doing
 so allows each to gain spiritual and physical strength
 which helps balance universal scales.

Service to others is a blessing, but do discern
to determine if added support would help or hinder.
Assistance granted now is of a higher vibration.
Inner wisdom will guide appropriately.

~ Live the Peace, Love, Light, and
Truth that you are ~


One Source of Life Eternal
A new design to redefine
the consciousness of mankind

Friday, September 1, 2017

You are the Victor!

Good day,

Last month’s message referenced
holding intention for the highest good of all.
This month expands upon the August blog.

Altruistic intentions are usually born within an
 open and loving heart.  Next, physical effort is required to
 implement/manifest the intention, and finally achievement results!

 Physical outcome can sometimes be considered the primary goal.
 Success is often associated with an affirmative conclusion.  What
unfolds in physical reality can manifest slightly differently
 than originally intended and can actually be, beside the
point.  Results are important but maybe not so
 much when viewed from another perspective.

Observe progression from an overview,
with a new-light perception!  You extend true
 and loving intention, effort, and attain achievement [even
 if somewhat different than anticipated]!  Others could possibly
derive benefit by such loving intention and effort, but whether they
do, or not, has no bearing on your soul’s victory!  In other words,
 you are the victor no matter how the sequence unfolds.  Your
 honorable intention and action has been of high vibration.  
So now the point shifts, and instead becomes a personal
 soul victory regardless of the outcome, which in turn
moves you forward victoriously free in heart!

~ Live the peace, love, light, and
truth that you are ~
One Source of Life Eternal
A new design to redefine
the consciousness of mankind

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Highest Good for All

Dear Ones,

If the goal/intention is that the highest good for ALL
 is to be manifest, ego concedes!  Human consciousness is rapidly
 expanding, but has yet to attain full unity with the Over-Soul and
 and Christ-Consciousness [and abundance-consciousness similarly,
 is not amassing gold bullion in pocketbooks, instead gently
tucking treasures of love and truth within the soul].

As perspectives and awareness elevate,
 the past becomes less significant, and accurate
projection of the future is speculative.

Recycling OLD thoughts/concepts associated
with 3D perception restricts future possibilities and
 recreates the SAME OLD.  Even considering expanded mass
 understanding, humankind still has finite insight and therefore
 unable to fully, and accurately, ascertain future outcome.

During this intermediary time [transitioning between
 conscious levels of understanding], grace assists by keeping the
mind more centered upon present concerns rather than what was,
 or what will be.  This is a blessing by minimizing old needless baggage!
Leaving familiarity and stepping forward into uncharted waters can
cause one to feel a bit lost, uncertain, and somewhat like swimming
 in circles without exact direction or point of reference.  This is
precisely ideal because whatever the focus might have
 been until now, may not at all be what
 tomorrow will actually consist of!

 The expanded gap during such transition can
manifest as mental fogginess, forgetfulness, and/or void;
worry not.  Scattered and/or vague human/ego concepts may
be spiritual-interception, so to speak, which allows increased
 spiritual insight to enter.  Now is an especially important
time to listen closely within for/to inner guidance.

  Higher Self, Universal Consciousness, Source-Energy
 will impress and inspire when, how, and where to move forward.
 Permit the human mind to be fluid, unoccupied, unfocused, and even
somewhat vacant to readily facilitate inflow of Divine guidance.  The
 primary focus needed now is that the highest good for all, be manifest.  
This hugely simple goal allows the now-moment to be a bright, loving
 and truthful space.  The combination of such human loving intention,
with unobstructed flow of Supreme Universal Source; Spirit
Divine, creates a magical and glorious tomorrow!

~ Live the peace, love, light, and
truth that you are ~
One Source of Life Eternal
A new design to redefine
the consciousness of mankind

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Earned Blessing

Good day dear Ones,

Intuitive insights, channeling, and spiritual
 predictions provide new hope, an optimistic outlook, and
 focus that helps shed brighter light upon the horizon. 

Individual intentions, prayers, actions,
hopes, desires, etc. contribute to how and what will
be forthcoming.  This can be empowering, also intimidating.
  Maintain faith and trust that your core-essence, your higher
 inner being [love, truth, integrity, wisdom, compassion,
 understanding, etc.] will illumine the path!

Beyond anticipation and speculation
regarding future unfolding details, be assured that
 however and whatever transpires within Earth, personal
 soul growth and expansion attained from living an earthly
experience, is eternal!  During forward movement [transition],
 each retains the soul development achieved while in Earth! 
This is a personal earned gift/blessing/compensation!

 Earth will continue to revolve and evolve.
Integrated personal wisdom [soul growth] derived from
 achievements attained throughout the life-process remain
 with and elevate the individual and collective soul!

~ Live the peace, love, light, and
truth that you are ~
One Source of Life Eternal
A new design to redefine
the consciousness of mankind

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